Xiamen XCJ Industrial Co., Ltd Located in Tongan Industrial Zone, Specializing in the processing and customization of PrecisionTransmission parts, Sports equipment parts, High-voltage electrical parts,Tattoo equipment parts, Aviation parts, Precision mechanical parts,Non-standard automation parts and so on.

   Our factory has comprehensive process technology and advanced machineryequipmentsprecision testing measuring tools. It has CNClathes, CNC, Milling machines, Grinding machines, various types of instrumentlathes, drilling machines and other mechanical equipment. It has high-precisiontwo-dimensional projectors, hardness meters, high Precision testing platform,etc.

   Relying on professional technology, honest management, and the spirit ofcontinuous innovation, XCJ has developed rapidly, and our products are soldwell both at home and abroad. While developing, the company continuouslysummarizes and constantly optimizes the service for customers, and as alwaysthe enthusiasm has won the high evaluation and favor of customers.

Contact: 152 5956 2508
QQ:811288449 Tel:15259562508 Email:xcjcnc@hotmail.com
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